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Who doesn't love a good mystery? Maybe that's why owls have captured the attention of many a poet, historian and artist.  Throughout history, owls have been a symbol of wisdom, death, wonder, and over-all mystery.  I mean, with their large eyes staring through your soul from the dark treetop as you pass by under the moonlit sky... sorry... but it's just too easy to set a mood when an owl is involved.

People have so many different opinions of this interesting bird, but you just can't help but have some sort of emotional reaction to them... because there is just something about owls that draws a story.


In week 4 of the Bird Unit Study (If you missed the other weeks, they're right here.), we are diving in to studying about the owl.  We will start with drawing this cute one with the very simple guide video below:

Then, to add to the wonderful learning we have been doing all month, I've designed a whole lesson plan to include literature, science, and more!  My favorite part of it is the flash cards about the different beak types... it's absolutely AMAZING to see how each beak is designed specifically for getting food and building nests in the perfect way for that bird. 


We looked up some videos to see the beaks in action... mind BLOWN.  Seriously.  I highly suggest spending some time researching this with your students; it will open their eyes to the intricacies of creation in a whole new way!

To access your own lesson plan, flash cards, and more, fill out the form below, and I'll send it to you right away!  You are going to love it.

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