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HI! Phylicia Here!

It's nice to meet you!

It's amazing how the dreams and passions you aspire to as a child often carry over into adulthood.  As a kid, my first answer to "what do you want to be when you grow up?" was to be a children's book illustrator. Then, a teacher.  (with a few years of astronomer in there too, just because I loved the stars). Now here I am, with 10 years of teaching under my belt and a continued passion for art -- that same little childhood dream coming full-circle into reality.  It's helped me realize that God sets you on His path from the beginning, and every day becomes a stepping stone toward His purposes.

From Homeschoolee
to Homeschooler

From grade school through high school graduation I was homeschooled.  My family encouraged creativity in just about every aspect of life and learning, making incredible memories together.  I spent my childhood thinking about how I could someday invest in my own kids as they grow up to be creative and successful.  Through all of my years, I have never lost my passion for homeschool.  Some of the best opportunities (and lessons learned) have come from my homeschool experiences, and I know from both sides the challenges and blessings that come from it!

We're in This Together

I am right there with you.  With two kids of my own, I am in the trenches with you, endeavoring to raise up creative, independent, and respectful children who bring confidence and light to the world.  It's such a blessing to watch them become who they were meant to be, one day at a time!

I am so excited to be able to support you as you raise your child into the confident, wonderful human they are destined to be!

That's why I am committed to giving you everything you need to help ignite the passion in them and to give them a launching pad to pursue their dreams with determination.

Drawing Class

Each week, new classes will teach drawing skills step by step, inspiring and empowering the budding artist

Unit Studies

Easy-to-follow lesson plans and beautiful materials to supplement your home learning in a fun, creative way 


Stay connected with me! I want to hear your success stories, answer your questions, and get your ideas! 

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