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Did you know that a giraffe is the only land animal that doesn't yawn?! How about the fact that they almost never sleep more than 5 minutes at a time - let's call it a giraffe nap instead of a cat nap, shall we?

And let's talk about the fact that a giraffe has a purple tongue to protect it from sunburn since they eat constantly - consuming 75 pounds of leaves a day! 

Giraffes are seriously one of the most unique and interesting animals to study.  Their long neck not only makes them stand above the rest, but the anatomy to make such a long skeletal and vascular system work is far outside of what we would consider "normal" in the animal kingdom.  It's fascinating!

Giraffe Mini Unit Study.JPEG

Collect all the amazing facts you find in a fold out book.  (You'll find the template in the mini-study pack below.)  Can you make your book fold out to the height of a giraffe? Your kids will love the challenge!

Next, your kids will be able to draw this cool giraffe step by step with me in the Drawing Class video.  We have a lot of fun with contrast and color in this lesson - and it is so fun to see what designs your child will come up with for the glasses.


In this mini unit study, your kids will get to discover all sorts of interesting facts about giraffes!  In the lesson plan, I've included several activity ideas, including measuring the height of a giraffe and doing a little geography study to find their main habitat.  Just grab a few science and story books and you'll be set.  I hope you enjoy learning about giraffes with your kids in this mini study! They are truly facinating!

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