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Come on, let me see a raise of hands - who here likes a good story?  I'm sure I don't see a single hand left unraised.  Know why?  We are designed as storytellers.  From drawings on a cave wall and tales spun around the family fire to page-turning adventures and today's Netflix originals, stories have riveted our imaginations and captivated our attention.  Even as adults, we embrace a chance to run away from our own reality and let our mind be occupied by a story, fictional or not.  Stories are a chance to escape, to live an adventure in our minds, and to experience emotion outside of our own circumstances.  

That's why your students will never be "too old" for a study of fairy tales.  When you open their eyes to the intricacy of story telling and allow them to be in creative control of their own, they light up!  It ignites the imagination.  And it sparks creativity as they discover something new.

This week we study conflict and put our finishing touches on this unit study.  First, join me in the Drawing Class as we draw a sword.  Your students will really love this one because they can express their own creative style in the design of the hilt and handle.  Find the whole step-by-step tutorial here:

how to draw a sword.JPEG

Once your student has drawn a sword, it's time to dive into the nitty gritty of week 4 of fairy tales!!  After 3 weeks fun and learning, this week is finally the BIG one - the one where they get to write their very own fractured fairy tale!  


If you missed them here are the other weeks:

Week 1 - introduction and groundwork

Week 2 - setting

Week 3 - characters

Week 4 is Based on the "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" story.

Now before you think,  "Oh that's a story for preschoolers..." first think about the fun applications to science, math, and literature!  Stack chairs (either real or using the game "Chairs") to discover the science of balance, gravity, and counter-pressure; Host a taste test of porridge and study the health benefits of porridge vs oatmeal with a discussion on healthy breakfast foods; Design a quilt for a bed (and make it if you have the resources! This is a fabulous math activity!!). The ideas are endless!


This resource kit dives into patterning with a quilt design challenge that will get your students thinking outside the box.  As always, these lesson plans are highly adaptable for any elementary student to feel challenged and successful!

Also, I've included a fractured fairy tale writing guide.  This will help your student know what to write and give them a breakdown of what elements should go in each paragraph of  their story.  Of course, tailor the writing assignment for your student's ability level.  Empower them to be successful and have fun!

Fairy Tale Free Resource Pack.jpg

One of the fun activities included in the lesson plan is to make oatmeal and then do a toppings-taste-test!  It's sooo fun to put things like peanut butter, sprinkles, or pickles on top and see your student's reaction!  Do I sense a science lesson on the taste buds?!

There are so many ideas in this lesson plan, just waiting for you to adapt them for your own classroom! As you wrap up this wonderful fairy tale unit study, don't forget to share your wins with me! I can't wait to hear all the fun stories and experiences you have! Get your resource pack below!!

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