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The big bad wolf... A character in so many fairy tales who never gets what he is after. From huffing and puffing to trying to disguise himself as Red Riding Hood's Granny, this villain is definitely clever, but never quite clever enough to outwit his foes.


Studying characters, both heros and villains, is interesting because as you begin to discover a little bit more about them .... you begin to discover a little bit more about yourself.  They might be living in a fairy tale with magical enchantments and talking animals, but deep down, each character has a little something we can relate to.  That must be the enticing element of a good story, don't you agree?

In case you missed the beginning of this unit study, the resource packs for each week are here:

Week 1 - Introduction and Groundwork

Week 2 - Setting

In week three of our fairy tale unit, we study characters - beginning with a closer look at Little Red Riding Hood and her formitable foe: the big bad wolf.  I've done a little tutorial on how to draw a realistic wolf all with pencil, really focusing on shading technique.  Your student will definitely learn a lot from this lesson.  Check it out here:

Once they've drawn their wolf, read the story of Little Red Riding Hood and discuss the character traits of both Little Red and the Wolf.  I've made this discussion really easy with the character analysis worksheet included in the resource pack below.  Need help determining the traits, there are lots of ideas on the "What If...? (Characters)" worksheet to get the brainstorm brewing. 

Natural Color 3 Photo Collage Your Story

Plus - your student will love creating a Wanted poster for the villain of their own fairy tale.  They breakdown the motives and actions of the villain as well as understand that character traits apply to hero and villain alike.  The template is in the resource pack as well.

But the worksheets in this pack are just the beginning! The lesson plan is full of hands-on activity ideas that all go with the Little Red Riding Hood theme and are easily tailored to any grade level - all easily planned without too much prep work.  You will love it.

And come back to get week 4's resources to finish everything up!

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