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Once upon a time....

The words dance off the ear with an air of excitement, alerting the reader to the coming chance to escape the present reality and embark on a journey of imagination.  

Fairy tales have been a source of entertainment as well as historical fascination since humans could tell stories around the fire.  The oral traditions of cultures around the world slowly became the subjects of well-loved print, theatrical, and film productions.  With magical elements, fanciful characters, and timeless settings, it's no wonder the fairy tale has been such a popular genre throughout history!

Your kids will absolutely love studying about the fairy tale!  When you dig into the rich history and interesting cultural influences that are at the root of each story, the magic of the tale itself comes to life.  As a unit study, the fairy tale can easily cover a month of learning, covering everything from art, math, history, humanities, and, of course, english and reading.  

I've made a fun art class to get your kids started on their learning journey.  They will learn step-by-step how to draw a crown, complete with realistic details to make the jewels shine!  Check it out below.

To make it super easy for you to begin this unit study, I've created a full lesson plan with guides and worksheets about everything from ELA to math! 


Have you ever heard of a fractured fairy tale?  It's when an author takes a well-known fairy tale and twists an element or two (little Red riding hood in the wild west, or Jane and the Beansalk).  Fractured fairy tales are very fun for your kid to write because the basic story line is already established, the characters already well known, providing a strong groundwork for a young author to be able to feel accomplished yet creative in their own work. 


One of the most exciting parts of this lesson plan is that by the end of the month, your child will have written a fractured fairy tale of his or her own.  In the resource pack below I've included everything you need to begin the process of planning and writing a fractured fairy tale.  In the coming weeks, we will be focusing on the different elements, like characters and conflict, working on a framework for a fractured fairy tale as we go. 

You and your kids are going to love this lesson plan! Access it all below!


Check out the rest of the Fairy Tale unit resources here:

Week 2 - Setting

Week 3 - Characters

Week 4 - Conflict and Wrap Up

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