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The Drawing Class featurette

Hey there,

Let's inspire creative and

meaningful learning together!

You'll find lots of resources here. 

Let me take you on a little tour.


Weekly Drawing Class

New art classes every week built specifically for grade-school children to learn new drawing skills and feel successful in their art. Taught by me!(plus - they often pair really well with the unit studies!)

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Unit Studies

Guides, printables, handouts, and activities all prepared for you to launch into a creative unit study! Each bundle comes with ideas to integrate learning across all the major subjects, all with guides to help you along the way.  Just choose a theme and go!

free guide!.jpg

Free Guide!

Creativity is natural. But it isn't always by happenstance.  Children need the tools to spur them into creative thinking and the opportunities to exercise it.  This guide gives you tools and ideas to get them started.

The Passion Behind It ALL

Children are brilliant.  They can learn anything they put their mind toward.  But so often kids are burned out in the classroom, having lost the joy of learning in the sea of textbooks, tests, and grades.  The real world isn't limited to little boxes of language, history, and science, it is all connected and entwined into this beautiful life we live.  (why else would you learn algebra than to apply it to baking, gardening, or paying bills?!) Creative thinking comes when we begin to cross those boxes and weave them into our own, applicable knowledge of our world.   I want to inspire children toward the love of learning, helping them make connections and think critically and creatively.  And I want to equip you, as their teacher, to bring that interest and enjoyment of learning back into your child's heart.  Let's work together to ignite the passion for learning in our children!

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